Femme Posse Meeting

Saturday, February 5, 2005

That's right, an interactive day of dressing up! Come share & learn all the beauty secrets from your femme family. We're going to be doing hair, make-up, and proper cleavage dressing. Please bring make-up and hair accessories or even an outfit you'd like to dress in. And of course what will naturally follow is a discussion of dating tips ... as we prepare for the big date night, Valentine's Day, and then our Winter Ball the following weekend.

For exchange this meeting, we'll focus on make-up, wigs, shoes, dressy clothes, etc. Also, if you're willing to "lend" a dress, but not yet ready to give it away, feel free to bring it to share, with the understanding it will be returned after the event.

Attending: Michele, Karen, Ann, Dianne, Amy, Debra, Shdiva, Leslie, Stephanie, Rae, Amba, Tiffany, Melinda & Susan

The topic for the meeting was “A Day of Beauty”.

Another great turn out for a really fun-femme day. Before we moved into hands-on, the girls all shared their favorite beauty tips. Here are a few of them:

  1. You can wear any gloss lipstick over those long-wear lipsticks for extra shine & moisture.
  2. Suck on your finger after applying lipstick to pull off excess that might otherwise wind up on your teeth.
  3. Using lotion on you skin, will adhere glitter and make it stick better.
  4. Use “erase” concealer over lips and under and over eyes, before putting on foundation – it helps foundation stay on all day!
  5. Use light shadows over your eyebrows, on the exterior of eyes, and on chin to create “light” effects on your face.
  6. Use a shiny translucent powder over makeup to help it say on better.
  7. Use colored sunblock instead of foundation under makeup – it’s lighter and protects from damaging sun-rays (recommend Laura Mercier line).
  8. Carrot oil is good to use to control dry/frizzy hair.
  9. Caster oil will help remove minor skin eruptions and abrasions

Most importantly, it’s the way a woman carries herself into a room with confidence and positive attitude, that makes her attractive. Some women find that thinking of a sexual act helps them radiate a sexual energy. Regardless of how we achieve it, we all need to do what makes us feel good about ourselves.

Discussion of where to shop for fun/sexy/formal wear included these recommendations:

Debra sold many tickets to the winter ball, “West Coast Winter Wonderland”. It’s going to be a semi-formal dance at Norton’s Vault in downtown San Francisco, Saturday, February 19. There will be a singles mixer at the beginning, with games organized by Rope. There will be food served and DJ music for dancing and it’s just 2 weeks away!

The next meeting date is Sunday, March 6th, from 1 to 3:45 p.m. We’ll be ending promptly, as those who wish to join us for a fun-Femme-Posse outing to Unleash (lesbian dance club) in San Francisco. The meeting topic will be “Relationships & Romance: How to find it, and how to keep it alive.” The meeting will be a pot-luck and we’ll be exchanging household items (bring books, small appliances, glassware, pictures, whatever you have.) Hope to see you all there!

For those planning ahead, the next meeting will be Saturday, April 2. If anyone has a place in San Francisco for a meeting, please email Qdebra7 AT aol DOT com. Otherwise we’ll be meeting in the East Bay again. Please, anyone interested in hosting a meeting, contact Debra by email directly.