Femme Posse Meeting

November 6, 2004

Attending: Susan, Melinda, Julie, Ann, Diane, Julie, April, Debra

Topic of discussion was “Spirituality and the Feminine Identity”.

There was much detailed discussion of all types of spiritual paths including childhood religious teachings, searching for ourselves, rejecting the patriarchy, searches for meaning in life, finding your spiritual leader, acting from a place of love and forgiveness, and the pros and cons of organized religions. We touched on various religions and practices including (as best I could remember & spell them) Siddha Ashram, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen, Quakers, Catholics, Protestant, Greek Orthodox, Unitarian, Unity, MCC, Episcopalian, Baptist, Wiccan – and more.

Debra reported that there will not be a Butch-Femme Socials holiday party this year. She discussed with Rope the possibility of hosting a “Winter Ball” the first weekend in February, and they are moving forward to make plans for it. We should have more details by the next Femme Posse meeting, and will be looking then for volunteers to help plan and organize the event.

We discussed the need to have at least one hour of meeting time of open discussion before delving into the meeting topic. It was agreed that would work for future meetings. Suggestions for future meeting topics are:

The next meeting will be on Sunday, December 5, from 2 to 5 p.m. at Debra’s house in San Francisco. Her address is 5285 Diamond Heights Blvd. #307. The discussion will be “Family & Gender Issues for the Femme”. It will be a pot luck. Please bring gifts for re-gifting for the holiday season (someone will know someone to give that hideous thing you don’t want as a present)!